Saturday, October 19, 2013

Purple & Gold Scrimmage quick thoughts

The White team won the Purple & Gold scrimmage 57-54.

I know what you're thinking (neither team was wearing Purple or Gold -- at least that's what I was thimking).

It was a good, competitive game (I did miss the first few minutes because I was writing my UAlbany football game story).

According to our "unofficial" official stats, D.J. Evans led all scorers with 17 points, while Mike Rowley had seven rebounds.

I liked what I saw, in terms of competition and the late-game situations gave this young, inexperienced team a chance to work through some things.

There is a long way to go though.

"It's a work in progress," said junior Sam Rowley.

This team should be big and talented up front, led by Rowley. The Great Danes also have John Puk (6-10), Luke Devlin (6-8), Levan Shengelia (6-9) and Mike Rowley (6-8).

"Our frontcourt's pretty big," said coach Will Brown. "It's pretty good."

I think the team has a lot of pieces and should be solid and competitive for sure. The overall success they have will be determined by how they come together as a unit, like last year's team did so terrifically down the stretch.

Brown will have to work to see what lineup combinations will play the best on the floor and he has less than three weeks to figure it out.

The Great Danes will scrimmage at Iona on Oct. 27 and at home against Marist, on Nov. 2, before the season-opener against Siena on Nov. 8.

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