Friday, November 9, 2012

Evan Hymes okay after cramp in left calf

ALBANY - It didn't look good when Evan Hymes went down with 12 minutes to play in the season-opener loss to Vermont.

Hymes did come back out on to the floor and said after the game, he was just dealing with a bad cramp in his left calf.

“I should be fine," he said, sitting in the locker room.

Hymes did say that he got cramps last year, in the season-opener against Navy, but this was worse.

“It felt worse because when I tried to get up, I couldn't really move," he said. 

Hymes had to be taken off the floor on a stretcher, but returned with the game in its final stages. He said that he tried to stand up, but just couldn't.

“When they tried to get me up, it went to my foot and then to my thigh," Hymes said. 

He should be okay to play, when the Saints take on Navy, on Sunday.

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