Monday, December 6, 2010

"Strong possibility" UAlbany's Moore will leave team

The UAlbany Great Danes take on Yale tonight on the road, but news coming today that junior college transfer Russell Moore (left) will likely leave the team.

On his radio interview today with WOFX, UAlbany coach Will Brown said there's a "strong possibility" Moore will leave the team.

"He's got some personal issues back home that he's dealing with, so we're going to give him the space and the freedom to deal with it," Brown said. "That's really the extent of it. I expect that he would move forward, probably at the end of the semester."

Moore started the first two games of the season, but has since been replaced by senior Tim Ambrose in the starting lineup.

Brown said Moore's decision had nothing to do with playing time.

"He's a great kid, never complained once and I think he's out of his element a little bit, here in the Northeast," Brown said.

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