Saturday, December 4, 2010

Burdine steps up, Siena still falls

ALBANY - Kyle Griffin pulled Trenity Burdine aside and said it was his time for him to dig down deep.

When Owen Wignot was elbowed by Tim Ambrose and had to leave the game, it was Burdine's time to step up.

"Truly, I did it for Owen and myself," he said.

The freshman finished with 16 points in 32 minutes. He had only scored three points all season.

"He's had a tough season early," said senior Ryan Rossiter. "He always works hard. He never gets down on himself and today, he played great. I was really proud of him."

Burdine said the whole team has to be ready to step up.

"We're a young team," he said. "Them two (Clarence Jackson & Rossiter) can't win the game by themselves, so we have to be mentally prepared as a team."

Despite the loss, Burdine said the atmosphere was great for his first taste of the rivalry against the University at Albany.

"If was fun out there," he said. "It was great to play with the team and play like Coach B wants, just play hard and I played as hard as I could."


As for late-game situations, Siena coach Mitch Buonaguro was clearly not happy with his team down the stretch, once again.

The players echoed his sentiment.

"We have to come out of this game and really look ourselves mirror and see what we can do better, each and every one of us," Rossiter said. "Not on a personal level, it's what can we do to help the team."

As for helping the team, Jackson knows he hasn't played well lately and he has to turn things around.

"When you don't play well on both ends, it's almost like why are you out on the floor," he said. "I feel like I was really letting my team down tonight."

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