Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Siena's Downey unsure when he will play

LOUDONVILLE - Before Wednesday's practice at the ARC, I asked Kyle Downey if he thought he would suit up for the first time this season on Saturday against the University at Albany.

"I think you're asking the wrong guy," Downey said. "You have to ask our trainers. It if were up to me, I'd be playing a couple weeks ago."

That doesn't mean Downey's healthy and ready to go.

He still is suffering from an injury where he strained the MCL in his right knee.

While there isn't any pain the knee isn't stable.

Downey injured himself a week before the season opener and has missed the Saints first six games.

He hasn't practiced, but has been able to participate in some drills and his conditioning hasn't suffered as much because he's been able to run in a straight line.

He also hasn't had to deal with the knee "popping out", something he said had been occurring when he would get out of bed or cutting around a corner quickly on the way to class.

"I feel more stable," Downey said.

Sitting out has been frustrating for Downey, but especially when the team has lost some close games, where he knows his veteran experience could have helped them.

"In our losses, they've all been freshmen mistakes and us just not being in control," Downey said. "I think I could help the team out because I'm usually I'm a pretty relaxed player who's not overhyped or overwhelmed."

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