Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rossiter not thinking about 1,000 points

LOUDONVILLE - I was shocked to hear that Ryan Rossiter didn't score 1,000 points in his high school career.

What I'm not too shocked about is that the guy who has been Siena's best player (if not the MAAC), wasn't too thrilled to be talking about an individual accomplishment.

Rossiter has never been a "me" guy. He's all about the team, which is pretty refreshing to see, although he's certainly not the only one that's like that.

In Siena's last game, an overtime loss to UAlbany, Rossiter scored his 1,000th career point, something I asked him about on Thursday.

“Down the road, maybe after I’m done playing, I’ll think about it,” he said. “It’s a nice accomplishment. If you look at some of the names that have done it, it’s a good family to be in.”

Rossiter said he did think about it, just for a little, but is squarely focused on what the team needs to do to get better.

“It’s a nice feeling, but wins are what this team needs and that’s my focus right now,” Rossiter said.

Rossiter also said that he and his teammates hear what people are saying about the struggles of the team and the "hot seat" coach Mitch Buonaguro is sitting on.

Rossiter (and his teammates) backed Mitch for the job, when Fran McCaffery left for Iowa and he flat out said he doesn't care what people outside of the program think.

“You could look at every game we’ve lost this year and change two plays and the outcome is different,” he said. “We haven’t gotten blown out. We haven’t been outcoached. We haven’t been outplayed and that’s how we feel. We would love to have those as wins, but we’re not down on ourselves. We’re very confident. We don’t look ourselves at a 2-5 team, we look as ourselves as a good team that just needs a little work.”

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