Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not a "UAlbany" type effort

ALBANY - Director of Basketball Operations and former UAlbany player Brent Wilson turned to coach Will Brown following Thursday's 62-57 loss to Binghamton and told him that wasn't a UAlbany effort.

“We never got out-toughed and outrebounded like that ever,” said Brown, recalling what Wilson said to him.

It wasn't a good game by many accounts for the Great Danes, who were coming off their best offensive performance of the year against Yale.

“I was surprised with how poorly we hit the glass and how poorly we blocked out,” said Brown.

UAlbany was outrebounded 41-28 by the taller, but smaller (in terms of depth) Binghamton squad.

Brown called it "ridiculous" and said he's never seen that type of disparity in rebounding from one of his teams.

“To me, you can take all the technique in the world and throw it in the garbage, rebounding is toughness and you need to be a ball-getter,” Brown said.

Brown was so disappointed that he said his veterans weren't leading and that his best leader is sophomore Billy Allen.

The Great Danes have a lot to work on before Sunday's game against Vermont.

On the other end, not a lot was expected from the Bearcats, who lost six players, including Troy're Emanuel Mayben after an offseason full of turmoil that left the defending conference champions a shell of their former selves.

While they picked up a victory, interim coach Mark Macon stopped short of calling it a statement game.

“It’s only one game,” Macon said. “We play to win one game at a time.”

Macon said it was a good game and he seemed happy to come out with the win.

“They didn’t make shots today, we did,” he said. “They’re a good team, we just, today, did some things better.”

I really liked what Greer Wright brought to the table for Binghamton.

The junior college transfer is long and lean and even handled the ball.

He finished with 11 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists and seven turnovers (way too many).

Mahamoud Jabbi added 10 points and eight rebounds for the Bearcats and Chretien Lukusa, the team's only returning starter from last year, had nine points and 10 rebounds.

Scotty McRae added seven points and 11 rebounds for UAlbany, but shot just 1-for-9 from the field.

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Blogger jaywhite said...

Will Brown is proving with each game the 2 NCAA appearances was due to having lucked out with Jamar Wilson who was clearly the best player in the league. Tonight, was a perfect illustration of Brown's poor coaching. He was facing a team which only had 6 scholarship players and had lost all it's top players. Mark Macon is light years ahead of Brown. With much less to work with , in one month he has developed a team which is clearly better than UA. Teams Albany has finished ahead of for the past 6 years are now clearly better. Fir example,Maine beat Boston College on the road. Brown is also proving he is a poor recruiter. Since Ambrose, he hasn't brought in one decent player from NY or New England. I attended a game at Binghamton last season and sat just behind Albany's bench. In my opinion(I'm a psychiatrist) was Brown terrorized his players causing them to be afraid to take any chances. So because Brown threw tantrums if any outside shooter was fouled. UA guards left Bingo's outside shooters open to hit 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Being a psychiatrist , based on how he was borderline verbally and mentally abusive to his players, and on the very high number of transfers, Brown's players probably dislike him. Why wouldn't they. He loves to embarrass and place all the blame for Albany's increasingly poorly showing totally upon the shoulders of the players. Maybe , if Brown looked truthfully at the situation, it would be too unpleasant. Anyone would conclude Brown doesn't have what it takes to coach a D1 team. He is more suited for St Rose where he was an assistant or Sullivan Community College.

January 8, 2010 at 1:02 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

February 1, 2010 at 2:30 AM 

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