Tuesday, January 19, 2010

McCaffery: Hard hits must stop

At Siena's weekly media get-together, the nature of recent hard hits on Saints players came up.

In the last two home games, against Canisius and Manhattan, a couple of Siena players have taking hard hits.

"It's got to stop," said Siena coach Fran McCaffery. "It's got to stop. I've had enough."

Against Canisius, Alex Franklin suffered a busted lip and landed on his elbow after getting undercut by Robert Goldsberry.

Monday night, against Manhattan both Ryan Rossiter and Clarence Jackson were the victims of flagrant fouls.

McCaffery said he's addressed the matter with the MAAC and was going to talk to Athletic Directory John D'Argenio today about the issue to see if the league has given any response.

"There are other teams that feel the same way that I do, "We're talking about Manhattan and Canisius, that's who we're talking about. Other teams feel the same way.

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