Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Just hope he misses"

POUGHKEEPSIE - I had a chance to catch up with Marist coach Chuck Martin after Siena's 79-60 victory over Martin's Red Foxes.

The main topic was Edwin Ubiles, who scored 15 points after returning to the lineup.

“You can do a bunch of things,” said Martin about how to play Ubiles defensively. “You can force him left, he wants to go right, you can run guys at him, but when you’re as talented as he is and they have as many weapons surrounding him, it’s difficult. Really what you do, is, you just hope he misses."

Ubiles hit a big shot just before halftime as Martin brought up coaching at Memphis, where was an assistant and that's what (future No. 1 pick) Derrick Rose would do, just make a shot to prove the fact that he was the better player.

“It confirms the fact that, yeah I’m good and you know I’m good and I’m going to show you I’m good,” said Martin.


Alex Franklin sent most of the Marist students heading for the gates of the McCann Center with his one back-scratching slam with 6:05 to that gave Siena a 70-49 lead.

“I’m just used to dunking, so I criticize myself pretty hard,” said Franklin, after he replied that the dunk wasn't one of his better ones.

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