Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ubiles playing with a purpose

Siena senior Edwin Ubiles will be playing with more pressure this season.

Not only is the 6-foot-6 forward one of the "Big 3" and a new father of twin girls, but he will be playing all year under the scrutiny of NBA scouts.

Fran McCaffery said Monday at his weekly media luncheon that representative from the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs were at practice last week and he thinks that will continue throughout the year.

"He's slotted to be a second round pick and then he can determine, based on his play, does he move into the first round or does he move out of the second round," McCaffery said. "So, there's a lot of pressure on him and I addressed that with him and he's handled it really well."

McCaffery says Ubiles has been playing much better lately after shaking off an early shoulder injury that gave him trouble in the preseason and carried over to a lackluster performance in the scrimmage against Princeton.

"Since then, he's been spectacular," McCaffery said. "He's great in practice every day, which is the key for him, every day and he played really well against Rutgers."

Kenny Hasbrouck went thought some similar treatment last year as a senior and McCaffery said he thought Kenny was the best at blocking out that type of pressure as any player he's ever seen, but thinks Ubiles can do it too.

"I think Eddie has the personality that can handle it," McCaffery said. "We're going to help him through it. The thing he does is, he really understands how to play. He never forces anything."

McCaffery said he expects a good consistency from Ubiles throughout the year.

"I think what you'll see is a consistent Edwin Ubiles in terms of his numbers," McCaffery said. "I think the beauty of his game is not necessarily that he's going to score 25, but he's going to score 17 and rebounds and pass and not turn it over and make his free throws at the end of the game and defend and help you win."

Here's Coach McCaffery's assessment on his rotation at this point.

"You look at the last scrimmage and the starters played extremely well and then (Owen) Wignot and (Kyle) Downey looked really, really solid coming off the bench. O.D. Anosike played great against Princeton and had a phenomenal week of practice, he did not play against Rutgers, but he looks like he's really moved into that position. Steven Priestley, I think, has established himself as a guy that's going to play and deservedly so. So the next question becomes, who is the next guard to come in, whether it's Denzel Yard or Jon Breeden and do I try to work both of them in. That puts us at 10 and then Davis Martens becomes eligible and then Kyle Griffin, so that's 12 and the reality is you can't play 12. I don't care how many guys try to do it, you can't play 12.

Anosike broke his nose, but McCaffery said he is expecting the 6-foot-7 freshman to play Friday night at Tennessee State.

While players and coaches aren't allowed to talk about scrimmages, McCaffery dropped this nugget when asked about the play of junior center Ryan Rossiter, saying he scored 19 points against Rutgers in the first 15-minute segment.

"He can score," McCaffery said. He was making post moves, he was getting fouled, he was running the floor."

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