Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The phone's ringing and it's Derrick Coleman.....

So UAlbany didn't play well tonight and it showed as Syracuse hammered them 75-43.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim picked up win No. 800 and as the clock was running out, he said Derrick Coleman was ringing his cell phone.

“He probably figured that I was going to answer it,” Boeheim joked after the game.

That was about the only joke from this game as UAlbany coach Will Brown said his team must take the day off tomorrow (well, I guess technically today) because of NCAA rules, but vowed they would play better on Friday against Morgan State.

“I’m very disappointed,” Brown said. “I’ve got a very disappointed team in that locker room.”

The Great Danes had a tough time getting inside the Orange's 2-3 zone.

“They stretch it out so far it basically becomes like a 2-2-1,” Brown said. “It really bothered us. We don’t have the personnel to consistently score at the rim against them.”

In fact, Brown said he got a chuckle from this exchange with his freshman point guard.

"I said to Mike Black, 'Mike, you have to get the ball to the high post,' and he said, 'Coach, I can't see the high post," said Brown.

The good news is UAlbany won't see a team this big for quite a while, if ever this season.

The bad news is they have to take some positives out of this game and get better before playing Morgan State, a team that made the NCAA Tournament last year.

"We know what we have to work on in practice and we know what we have to do to get better," said senior center Brett Gifford. "We have to be tougher with the ball and mentally tougher."

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