Monday, November 16, 2009

UAlbany vs. American (updates)

While I'm not in Washington, D.C., I'm listening to the game and will be sharing some of my thought here on my "night off."

UAlbany players and coach Will Brown said that when senior point guard Mike Johnson got back into the lineup things would be different as so far, it seems they were right.

Johnson scored the first five UAlbany points and the Great Danes hold a 14-10 lead.

Also, there are no live stats for the game, so I'll update the score as I go here.


The Eagles now lead 29-20 as they have controlled the middle part of this half.


The Great Danes made a nice little run there to cut the lead, but American still leads 31-27.


Halftime. 33-27 American.

UAlbany needs to pick up the play and perform like they did in the first five or six minutes or they will staring at 0-3.


Leading scorers - American, Stephen Lumpkins, 8 points. UAlbany - Mike Johnson, 7 points. (Danes committed just five turnovers).


Two turnovers to start the half for the Great Danes. McRae hits a three to cut the American lead to five, but the Eagles keep scoring and now lead 41-34.


Scotty McRae heating up. The senior has 12 and UAlbany trails just 41-39.


Tied at 41-41 with 11:47 to go.


47-43 UAlbany with 6:29 to play.

McRae gave the Danes their first lead in a long time and has a career-high 14 points.

Junior Tim Ambrose put UAlbany back up and he has 10 points.


49-47 UAlbany

American has just two field goals in more than the last 10 minutes, but still the game up for grabs.


50-49 American. Daniel Munoz scores and was fouled - hits the free throw to give the Eagles a 1-point lead with 2:23 to go.

51-50 UAlbany as Ambrose follows a McRae miss with a hoop.


51-50 UAlbany. 28 seconds to go - American turn the ball over.

11 seconds to go.....


51-50 UAlbany wins. Ambrose misses the front end of a 1 + 1 with 10 seconds remaining, American rebounds, but Munoz rims out at the buzzer.

Here are some things that Brown said in the postgame interview.

"switch to matchup zone was huge"
defense looked better at the end of the game

"11 turnovers is progress"
team played better with Johnson in the lineup

"get (Fran) Urli back on Friday"
Brown keeps saying Urli has played well in the preseason

"found a way to win"
big to get a win on the road and the first win of the season

High Scorers: AU - Lumpkins 12 points. UA - McRae 14 career-high points (7 rebounds).

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