Sunday, November 22, 2009

Metcalf chips in for Danes

Blake Metcalf caught the ball at the top of the key, turned and let it fly.

In what seemed like an eternity, the ball floated through the air and came down hitting nothing but net at the shot clock expiring.

That shot gave UAlbany a 12-point lead with 8:36 remaining and proved to put the cap on a good night for the 6-foot-9 freshman.

"I've been heckled a little bit for being too passive down low," said Metcalf, who finished with nine points. "It felt good to be a little aggressive, show everyone I can be aggressive and be a threat in the post.

That buzzer-beating shot was nowhere near the post though.

"I just looked at the clock from the other side, shot it, and was praying to god that it hit the rim and gave us a chance for something and it went in," said Metcalf.

It was by far Metcalf's most productive game and I wasn't the only one who like what they saw.

"I thought Blake Metcalf was tremendous tonight," said UAlbany coach Will Brown.

Metcalf got more of a chance on Sunday because senior Brett Gifford picked up two early fouls.

"Every game I know that my number can be called any second, so I'm ready," Metcalf said. "I saw Brett get two quick (fouls), so I was ready to go."

UAlbany plays the next eight games away from SEFCU Arena, so Brown said it was important to start playing better on the road.

"We struggled on the road last year, so we have to get mentally tough and physically tough," said Brown.

Both Brown and Robert Morris coach Mike Rice got a lot out of playing in this 2K Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic subregional.

"I'm playing to tact my weaknesses," Rice said. "I can show film and have things to draw upon when we practice and get better from that."

When I asked Brown, what grade he would give his team for the 2-1 effort over the three days, this was his response.

"It's all about winning game, but it's so early in the year that I don't want to over-grade or under-grade this team," Brown said. "I think I'll do what a lot of college kids do when they take a class they know they're going to struggle in and we'll take it pass/fail, so we passed this weekend."

Brown also wanted to thank a lot of the people that made hosting the tournament at UAlbany possible.


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