Saturday, November 21, 2009

Late to film

Derrek Tartt, who played so well on Friday night and Mike Black were both suspended for the first half by UAlbany coach Will Brown.

That hurt the Great Danes in two ways, it forced Mike Johnson to play all 20 minutes of the first half and it kept the two young guards in their seats.

“Now this guy (pointing to Johnson) has to play all 20 minutes at the point in the first half and we don’t get a chance to play him and Tartt together,” said Brown.

Johnson played 31 minutes in the game and it'll be interesting how much he'll be able to play on Sunday against Robert Morris.

“Later in the game, I didn’t feel like I had the explosiveness that I should have had,” said Johnson, who scored nine points and dished out three assists.

Brown said that one of the two freshmen was three minutes late for the 5:30 p.m. film and the other was five minutes late.

“If I were those kids, I’d sleep in the locker room tonight,” said Brown, who usually wants his players to be 15 minutes early to things in what he calls "Albany time."
Brown was impressed with Detroit and thinks they'll do well this year in the Horizon League.

“They’d win our league,” Brown said. “They’re going to win a ton of games this year.”

Brown said his team will pick back up and be ready for Sunday's game.

“We’re not down,” Brown said. “We lost to a good team.”

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