Saturday, March 28, 2009

BU contacts McCaffery

Boston University followed up a move of firing Dennis Wolff following this season, by contacting Siena coach Fran McCaffery, according to the Boston Globe.

Here's the link.

It would be pretty silly to think McCaffery would even consider making this move, even though Boston University does have a good program and was voted the No. 1 America East team the last two preseasons.

According to the article, McCaffery's response was....

"They contacted me last week by e-mail," McCaffery said yesterday. "They wanted me to come to Boston and talk. I told them that [they] had to ask permission from my athletic director. They didn't seem willing to do that."

While McCaffery is clearly one of the hottest names in the coaching business right now because of Siena's success, I'm almost 100 percent postive he wouldn't leave unless it was for a BCS school, in a pefrect situation.

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