Monday, March 23, 2009

Francesa: Siena could be the next Gonzaga

On Monday's Mike Francesa show, Siena coach Fran McCaffery was on as a guest, one day after his team ended their season in a spirited effort against the top seed in the tournament, Lousiville. 

Francesa said McCaffery has the Siena program on the verge of becoming the Gonzaga of the East and this is how McCaffery responded.  

"I would welcome that challenge."

McCaffery has two years left on his contract, but Francesa said the success will bring callers about McCaffery services. 

"His phone rings now, that's how it works and then he makes a decision," Francesa said. "That team is in a good place. That's not a place where you need to run to get out of. He's got that thing where they're getting close (John Minko), that they could become like your Butler team."

"Butler, Western Kentucky and Siena are trying to be that next Gonzaga, where they get in the tournament no matter what," Francesa said. 

Francesa gave a lot of credit to McCaffery and the Siena program. 

"America will like what they saw and if they hadn't seen a lot of Siena, now two years in a row, you've gone in and made a lot of noise in the NCAA Tournament," Francesa said. "It's a tremendous achievement for your program and for you. You should be congratulated and you should be very proud of yourself and your program both Friday night, in hostile territory and then yesterday, against a team, that who knows could win a national championship this year."  

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