Monday, August 17, 2009

Johnson suspended two games

University at Albany men's basketball coach Will Brown announced Monday that senior guard Mike Johnson will be suspended for both team scrimmages and the first two games of the season.

The team imposed suspension comes after Johnson was cited for harassment and resisting arrest after an illegal Fourth of July fireworks show on the University's campus.

"We have high expectations for student-athletes in our program," said Brown on Monday. "I talk to my guys all the time about making smart choices and making the right decision. Unfortunately, Mike used some bad judgement and made a poor decision and was in direct violation of team policy."

Brown said that Johnson is in good standing with the University, set to graduate in the Spring and that he only received community service from the courts.

"I'm a big believer in second chances and I think Mike really has learned his lesson," Brown said. "But, I need to send a message to every kid in our program, kids that we're recruiting, that you come to the University at Albany, you're going to work hard to get a degree, become a better basketball player and do the right thing."

Brown said that he felt there needed to be punishment because of the negative light cast on the University, the team and Mike, himself.

"Again, a lot of people look at it as Fourth of July fireworks, but to me, it's bigger than that," Brown said. "It's about decision-making and Mike not doing the right thing at the right time.

Johnson will miss the opener against Syracuse (Nov. 10) and then UAlbany's home opener against Morgan State (Nov. 13).

"He's remorseful and he's looking forward to getting back with his teammates, working hard and having a good senior year," Brown added.

Brown also said that Johnson is not a shoo-in to be the starter at point guard for the Great Danes, who will have newcomers Derrek Tartt, Mike Black and Ralph Watts, who Brown said reminds him of Brian Lillis in that he can play a variety of positions.

Brown added that what was a weakness in 2008-09 at the point, he feels will be "much improved."

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