Thursday, February 26, 2009

Following UAlbany at New Hampshire LIVE

It's a slow night here, relatively speaking, so in addition to listening to the UAlbany game against New Hampshire, I'll put a few thoughts down here.

7:46: Jimmie Covington is having a great game - already eight points (his career high is 11). It's been a pleasant surprise to see/hear how the Great Danes have played the last two games with only eight players.

7:53: Halftime UAlbany 32, New Hampshire 27: I was getting ready to write about how Will Harris didn't score in the first half and he ends the first 20 minutes with a slam from Jerel Hastings. Still, Harris needs more than that for UAlbany to stay on top.

On a side note, I've never seen this before but the New Hampshire live stats are actually ahead of the radio call. Very weird to see the score update before the call comes.

8:17: In the continuing saga of Tim Ambrose, the sophomore guard picks up his third foul and heads to bench. When will Ambrose realize he could be a very dominant player if he wasn't in foul trouble all the time.

8:31: Ambrose gets hit with his fourth foul with 10:02 to go and UAlbany down two, 43-41. With only eight players, the Great Danes can ill-afford to have anyone, let alone one of their top players, foul out.

8:35: Apparently Rony Tchatchoua threw down a monster jam because the crowd went absolutely nuts and Jon Phelps compared it to Vermont's Marqus Blakely's slam over Brent Wilson a couple of years ago (seen below).

8:59: UAlbany is trailing by five and it's not looking good. In other news, the top four seed have been clinched with Binghamton winning at least a share of the regular season title. The Bearcats will be the top seed thanks to sweeping Vermont during the season and beating UMBC tonight. The Catamounts will be two, Boston University will be three and Stony Brook will be four.

9:15: UAlbany falls 64-56. Ambrose was the only player in double figures for the Great Danes with 11 points.

As far as I can tell, this means with a win over UMBC on Sunday in the finale, UAlbany will get Boston University in the tournament for the second straight year - a loss, and the Great Danes will take on Vermont.

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